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You’ve Filed Your Taxes. Now Do Something Else Important For You and Your Loved Ones.

OK, you’ve made the mid-April tax deadline. Congrats. Now what? Here’s a thought: Get something arguably as important – or even more so – in order next. We’re talking about
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Music Therapists Strike a Loving Chord With Hospice Patients

You might say that for hospice music therapists like Roger Scott, they perform their work in the key of C, where the “C” translates to care, compassion and comfort. Along
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Home is Where the Heart is – and How That Heart is Cared for

Two sobering facts to consider: One, that heart-related disease is the leading cause of death among U.S. adults. And two, that hospice care is vastly underutilized by that very population.
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Teleios Announces Addition of Emmanuel Hospice to Network

Hendersonville, NC   January 11, 2024:  Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) announced the addition of Emmanuel Hospice to its clinically integrated network, expanding the nonprofit’s resources, tools and expertise in order to
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In Hospice Care, Essential Oils can Soothe, Invigorate

How to help combat tension? Maybe lavender. Wish you could feel a bit more energized? Try lemon. As for improving congestion and mental focus? Peppermint, perhaps. In hospice care, these
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Even on Holidays, Hospice Heeds no Clock or Calendar

In the words of Joyce Robinson-Beck, “We never close.” But she’s not employed at an all-night diner or 24-hour convenience store. Robinson-Beck is a long-time registered nurse for Emmanuel Hospice,
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