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Patient Wishes: Making the Most of Every Moment

They both grew up in South Dakota but lived in different towns. When they finally met as students at the University of South Dakota – he was studying business while
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Debunking Myths About Hospice Care

In today’s world, it’s tough to pin down a fact. And for those who work in hospice especially, it’s more important than ever to keep educating an inquisitive public –
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How This Hospice Provider is Building, Retaining Team Members Amid a Critical Labor Shortage

It’s no secret the health care industry is experiencing a critical staffing shortage – and hospice is not immune from the trend. According to a 2022-23 Hospice Salary & Benefits
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Support, Strategies for a ‘Good Death’

Not everyone is comfortable with the term, but at Emmanuel Hospice, professional caregivers are increasingly leaning on the concept of a “good death,” and gently sharing with their patients how
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Hospice Surfaces as Special Gift on Mother’s Day

For Joan Mattson and her four siblings, it’s all about the subtle differences conveyed in such significant ways to define her mother’s journey with Emmanuel Hospice at her side. Especially
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Flexibility and Compassion Core to Serving as Hospice Nurse

A “typical day” in the life of a hospice nurse? Well, that’s a tough one. Because arguably, it doesn’t exist. Just ask Rachel Baxter, a registered nurse with Emmanuel Hospice,
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