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Category: Grieving

Emmanuel Hospice to Offer Free ‘Handling the Holidays’ Grief Support Groups

Emmanuel Hospice will host free grief support sessions to help community members cope with grief and loss during the holiday season. The events are open to anyone in the community
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Beyond Flowers: Employers Must Take Extra Care Dealing with Grief in the Workplace

“When you think about it,” says Heather O’Brien, “most of our waking hours are spent at our workplace, where we’re surrounded by people who get a lion’s share of our
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How Social Media Impacts Grief

It’s natural that we want to share both triumphs and tragedies with our family and friends – and that includes posting online. However, it may be prudent to take a
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Avoid Losing Yourself to Grief

After Margaret lost her husband to cancer, she found herself on a roller coaster. The shock of his loss came first, even though she had been steeling herself for his
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8 Tips to Manage Your Grief Through the Holidays

It can take something as simple as a word or a song to bring back memories – and tears – for Joe Borgman. When his beloved wife, Jeanie, died last
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