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Grief Support

Our care does not end when a loved one has passed. We continue to support the family for at least 13 months following their loss by serving as a caring and reassuring presence through counseling, education, and referrals to community resources to help cope with stages of grief.

We make personal calls, lead support groups and workshops, and share inspirational materials that give comfort and encouragement. When the need is great, we even connect with families and caregivers through personal visits.

Our services are open to anyone in the community. If you have suffered a loss and are seeking grief support, we are here to help. If you or someone you know needs guidance through the grief journey, please contact Ashley Huisman at 616.719.0919 or

Grief Support Groups

Good Grief

A group for individuals who have experienced a loss. We offer a fun and friendly environment that encourages support, discussion, and education.

Live Well

Aging brings up topics that may be new, so come learn what to expect. Topics will vary from week to week but will include: What is true/false about aging? What to expect as you and your friends/family get older? How to prepare for the holidays? And much more.

Be Remembered

Please call for dates and times.

In the future, when someone searches your name, what do you hope they’ll find? What are those messages you want to leave to the world? Gather them at Gradually collect, organize and archive your finest memories and thoughts. Also, reflect on, and plan your end-of-life celebration.

Join us and learn about this free and secure online tool that can provide a way for you to pass along your story and/or the story of a loved one. We will explain what this tool is, how to use it and provide hands-on instruction to help get you on your way to completing your biography.

Moving Forward: The Grief Journey During the Holidays

Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s birthdays, and anniversaries. For most people, just thinking about these special days spent with family and friends can bring back a flood of happy memories. However, for others, happy memories are dulled by the pain and sorrow of experiencing the holidays without a loved one who has died.

These are natural and normal feelings and you are not alone in experiencing these emotions. Join Emmanuel Hospice to learn about ways to help you or a friend cope with grief during this time.

Emmanuel Hospice also provides individual support to anyone who has suffered a loss.

For more information about Emmanuel Hospice or any of these services please contact Ashley Huisman, Bereavement Manager at 616.719.0919 or

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