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Your Support is Vital to Our Mission

Quality hospice care goes beyond what Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances will cover. Our complementary therapies and services are essential to our mission of providing high-quality holistic care — and these services are not covered by those providers.

Your donations make it possible for us to offer more patients the opportunity to experience care plans designed to maximize comfort by reducing pain and addressing the whole body.

To serve our patients, Emmanuel Hospice invests over $300,000 annually to make these therapies and services possible. Your donation ensures that families throughout West Michigan will receive quality holistic care — without the worry of out-of-pocket expenses. Through your generosity, more people will be able to live their lives to the fullest.

Patient Stories

Recently, Emmanuel Hospice hosted a pinning ceremony for August Steffes, who goes by Junior and is a patient of Emmanuel Hospice as well as a U.S. Navy veteran. During the ceremony, Steffes, 88, received a veteran pin, a certificate recognizing his Navy service and a star from a retired American flag. He was able to celebrate with his friends and family members.

Paul used to take his late wife to Olive Garden for her birthday. For him, it is a place that holds very special memories. His Emmanuel Hospice care team were able to arrange for Paul and his family to have a special catered meal on his own birthday as a way to honor his wife’s memory. The day before the event he stated that he wished his mom and wife were still living to see him being treated like a king. He said no one has ever been this nice to him before.