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Category: Coping

Emmanuel Hospice to Offer Free ‘Handling the Holidays’ Grief Support Groups

Emmanuel Hospice will host free grief support sessions to help community members cope with grief and loss during the holiday season. The events are open to anyone in the community
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Coping with Grief at the Holidays

During the holidays, our culture suggests that we should be experiencing unmitigated joy, enveloped in one celebration after the other. But that season wrapped in ribbons and bows feels altogether
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He Knows, He Loves, He Cares

By Sara Lowe I was recently asked by the Senior Pastor at my congregation-Trinity United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, to provide the message for a Sunday while he was
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Risk-taking Near the End of Life

I am basically a risk-taker. I think this is to some extent genetic; it’s in my blood. My very own father is a risk-taker– he spent most of his life
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Strength and Growth of the Bereaved Caregiver

I know an elderly gentleman. He is 85 years old. He is a physician, and he is my friend. One day, he joked about his mother. She died 60 years
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Now announcing Heart & Soul, an Advanced Cardiac Care Program