Nurses & Case Managers

  • Sara Cranmer
    Sara Cranmer RN Case Manager
    • David Stephens, RN
      David Stephens, RN RN Case Manager
      • Beth Rogers, RN
        Beth Rogers, RN RN Case Manager
        • Joyce Robinson-Beck, RN
          Joyce Robinson-Beck, RN Extended Care Nurse
          • Tabitha Brown, RN
            Tabitha Brown, RN Admissions Nurse
            • Jennifer Radaz, RN
              Jennifer Radaz, RN RN Team Leader
              • Rev. Jan Lancaster, RN, MDiv
                Rev. Jan Lancaster, RN, MDiv RN Case Manager
                • Wendy King, RN
                  Wendy King, RN RN Case Manager
                  • Diane VanAlstyne, RN
                    Diane VanAlstyne, RN Registered Nurse

                    Hospice Aides

                    • Shasta May, CNA, CHPNA
                      Shasta May, CNA, CHPNA Hospice Aide
                      • Theresa Weichman, CNA, CHPNA
                        Theresa Weichman, CNA, CHPNA Hospice Aide
                        • Anna Crain, CNA
                          Anna Crain, CNA Hospice Aide
                          • Jacqueline Malinoski, CNA
                            Jacqueline Malinoski, CNA Hospice Aide
                            • Christina Sanders, CNA, CHPNA
                              Christina Sanders, CNA, CHPNA Hospice Aide and Team Leader
                              • Emily Brown, CNA
                                Emily Brown, CNA Hospice Aide

                                Social Workers & Spiritual Caregivers

                                • Kaitlyn Cavanaugh, LLMSW
                                  Kaitlyn Cavanaugh, LLMSW Hospice Social Worker
                                  • Ashley Huisman, LMSW
                                    Ashley Huisman, LMSW Bereavement Coordinator and Social Worker
                                    • Alison Grosse, LMSW
                                      Alison Grosse, LMSW Hospice Social Worker
                                      • Katie VanRyn, LMSW
                                        Katie VanRyn, LMSW Hospice Social Worker
                                        • Jenny Kellogg, LMSW
                                          Jenny Kellogg, LMSW Hospice Social Worker and Team Leader
                                          • Sister M. Gabriela Hilke, RN
                                            Sister M. Gabriela Hilke, RN Spiritual Caregiver and Nurse
                                            • Vern Bareman, MDiv
                                              Vern Bareman, MDiv Spiritual Caregiver and Team Leader
                                              • Sister Annunciata Auger
                                                Sister Annunciata Auger Spiritual Caregiver
                                                • Sister Maria Faustina
                                                  Sister Maria Faustina Spiritual Caregiver

                                                  Our Directors

                                                  • Sara Lowe, LMSW
                                                    Sara Lowe, LMSW Executive Director
                                                    • Shannon K. English, MD
                                                      Shannon K. English, MD Hospice Medical Director
                                                      • Melissa Schmidt, RN
                                                        Melissa Schmidt, RN Director of Clinical Services
                                                        • Brenda Jaszczyszyn, RN, CHPN
                                                          Brenda Jaszczyszyn, RN, CHPN Director of Education and Quality
                                                          • Heather L. O’Brien, MA, LPC, NCC, CVA
                                                            Heather L. O’Brien, MA, LPC, NCC, CVA Director of Bereavement and Volunteer Services
                                                            • Nicole Sharpe
                                                              Nicole Sharpe Director of Community Outreach and Marketing
                                                              • Katie Kirouac, MPA
                                                                Katie Kirouac, MPA Director of Development
                                                                • Racquel Ladd
                                                                  Racquel Ladd Director of Support Services

                                                                  Support Staff

                                                                  • Jan Amato
                                                                    Jan Amato Community Liaison
                                                                    • Jessica Vanbelkum, CNA, CHPNA
                                                                      Jessica Vanbelkum, CNA, CHPNA Administrative Assistant
                                                                      • Karen Hill
                                                                        Karen Hill Quality Assistant
                                                                        • Jackie Chandler, MA, LBSW
                                                                          Jackie Chandler, MA, LBSW Volunteer Coordinator
                                                                          • Amanda Scott
                                                                            Amanda Scott Medical Records Assistant


                                                                            Emmanuel Hospice Governing Board

                                                                            Dr. Laurence Burns, Chair
                                                                            Dr. Jane Toot, Vice Chair
                                                                            Richard Walker, Secretary / Treasurer
                                                                            James Brady, Immediate Past Chair
                                                                            Judith Baker
                                                                            Theresa Hegarty
                                                                            Robert Herr
                                                                            Sr. Gabriela Hilke
                                                                            Donna Hinton
                                                                            Corey Koperski
                                                                            Thomas Wesholski

                                                                            Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members

                                                                            Brian Pangle, Clark Retirement
                                                                            Dana Prince, St. Anns Home
                                                                            Steve Zuiderveen, Sunset
                                                                            Nicole Maag, Porter Hills

                                                                            Still Have Questions?

                                                                            See what others are asking in our FAQs
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                                                                            See what others are asking in our FAQs

                                                                            Learn more about our holistic care

                                                                            Take advantage of FREE resources now

                                                                            Talk to a hospice specialist now