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The Role of a Hospice Spiritual Caregiver

At Emmanuel Hospice, our goal is to enhance each patient’s life with a combination of expert medical care, spiritual counseling and a variety of complementary services and therapies to engage the senses and create unique, joyful memories. One way we address the spiritual needs of our patients and their families is through a spiritual caregiver.

What Does a Hospice Spiritual Caregiver Do?

A spiritual caregiver tends to the patient’s and family’s spiritual or religious needs while in end-of-life care. Our team supports patients as they cope with illness, pain, grief and change. They also support friends and family affected by the changes or passing of their loved one.

Emmanuel Hospice spiritual caregivers use skills like compassion, empathy and a servant’s heart to address questions and concerns. And because we are an interfaith organization, this means all beliefs are celebrated.

Whether searching for meaning and purpose, love, belonging, peace, comfort or gratitude, you’ll find expert, compassionate care here.

Who Are Emmanuel Hospice’s Spiritual Caregivers?

Our organization is blessed with many spiritual caregivers focused on providing our patients with the faith-based support they need. One of our colleagues, Pastor Vern Bareman, was recently recognized by West Michigan Christian News for the role he plays.

Pastor Bareman ministers mostly in a spiritual way, embracing the special role he provides in the lives of patients and families. His approach is patient-centered, participating closely with the rest of the care team to create a meaningful plan for patients nearing their end of life. While not all are religious, Pastor Bareman recognizes that there is always something that provides meaning. His hope is that a positive reflection on life will help bring peace and comfort.

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