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How Much Does Hospice Care Cost?

How Much Does Hospice Care Cost?

One of the first questions we receive from families who are in need of our services is, “How much will hospice care cost?” There is usually no direct cost to patients and their loved ones at Emmanuel Hospice, though that is not always the case for every hospice provider.


We understand that end-of-life care is difficult to talk about, which is why we are committed to making it easier for all involved. We can’t stop death, but we can help you have a plan to make the most of every moment — without straining your financial situation.


What Is the Average Cost of Hospice Care?

It is hard to place a specific dollar amount on hospice care. The cost truly depends on the provider, your location and the type of care offered by the institution you’ve chosen to provide that care. It is also important to note that not every hospice care provider is the same. Each comes with its own range of therapies, services and access to additional offerings.


Quality hospice care goes beyond what Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances will cover. At Emmanuel Hospice, we invest over $200,000 annually to make complementary therapies and services available to all of our patients.


Additionally, end-of-life care costs can change dramatically when taking into account where care is performed and whether hospital services are needed.


Who Pays for Hospice?

Often, people wonder how they’ll pay for hospice care. Hospice is a benefit that is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance carriers. There is usually no direct cost to patients and their loved ones for medications, equipment, supplies or even the team of experts specialized in comforting and caring for those with a life-limiting illness.


However, some costs may be incurred by families for hospital services or if inpatient care in a long-term care facility is necessary.

What if I Need Help Covering the Cost of Hospice?

If you are in need of hospice care but do not have insurance there may be out of pocket costs associated with some necessary services. As an organization committed to providing the highest quality of care — even when that care doesn’t come from us — Emmanuel Hospice will connect patients and families with community resources that will help. These resources are available to you free of charge.


What Can I Expect When Choosing Hospice Care From Emmanuel Hospice?

Whether this is your first time seeking care for a loved one or you’re already familiar with Emmanuel Hospice, we’re here to answer your questions and offer support.


Hospice care happens wherever your loved one calls home, whether in an assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility or a family home, our team will come to you. We’ll not only walk alongside you as a care plan is developed, we’ll help talk you through tough subjects like who pays for hospice care.

We’re available 24/7 to provide answers. Call 616.719.0919 and our compassionate team will begin walking this journey by your side.