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Experience the Emmanuel Difference

Compassionate care with nearly 200 years of combined hospice experience.

Hospice is truly about life. More importantly, it’s about how you want to live. We know there are a lot of considerations when it comes to end of life care, so we invite you to experience the Emmanuel Hospice difference.

You and your loved one’s lasting memories are our first priority and we go to great lengths to help you achieve them. Over the years, Emmanuel Hospice has formed amazing relationships and partnerships with the community, care providers and local businesses that allow us to make patient wishes a reality. We’ve helped people go on a romantic date with their spouse, write and record love songs, spend the day at a golf course, go fishing and hunting with family members, visit the lakeshore, see their son’s handiwork, and enjoy time with horses like they did as a child.

We’re accredited by CHAP, the gold standard for our industry, and offer complementary services that are unparalleled in West Michigan.

Massage Therapy

Certified massage therapists visit patients to assess pain and tension levels and adjust techniques and pressure as needed to alleviate stress.

Music Therapy

Board-Certified music therapists use techniques that include singing songs from a particular era to promote memory, playing instruments to increase focus and composing music to process emotions.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are primarily used to improve mood, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and mitigate nausea and pain. Most frequently, the oils are administered environmentally, using a diffuser or having patients inhale fragrances directly.


Personal time with volunteers provides comfort and support through activities like reading, helping with tasks and even simple conversation.

Acupuncture & Acupressure

Targeted methods are used to stimulate pressure points that reduce nausea or shortness of breath, pain, tension and promote healing in specific areas of the body.


Patients capture their life story through a series of questions as they enjoy reminiscing and reflecting on their fondest memories by sharing photos and videos.

Pet Visitors

Certified therapy pets can reduce feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety, with long-lasting results for those who receive pet visits over an extended period. Patients interact by playing fetch, petting, or simply enjoying their presence.

Virtual Reality

Without leaving one’s home or bed, patients can return to places of emotional significance or go somewhere they’ve never been before.

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