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During this time of social distancing and staying at home, we’re looking for people to create and donate art and cards, or to share a talent — sing, dance or simply share words of encouragement and positivity — so our patients can feel loved and connected.

Create Seasonal Art or Send a Holiday Card

Artwork and cards can be sent or delivered to our office between 8-5pm M-F. Call 616-719-0919 upon arrival.

Emmanuel Hospice
401 Hall Street SW, Suite 263
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Interested in donating goods or making a gift online instead?
We need your help!

Create a Video

Content Ideas

  • Songs, Spoken messages, Skits, Jokes, Readings, Grace and/or blessings.
  • Themes of: Encouragement, Joy, Laughter, Peace, Gratitude, Prayer, Kindness, Hope, You are not alone, Strength in times of hardship.

Content Guidelines

  • Mention of a specific company/organization should appear at the end of each content piece (not an ad or sales pitch).
  • Original authors must be acknowledged if the content includes the original work of another (except if in public domain).

Submission Guidelines

  • Files must be smaller than 1GB.
  • Horizontal format is preferred.
  • Total duration should be no longer than 4 minutes.
  • All submissions should be in .mov, or .m4v format.

Submit a Video

Complete the form below to submit a media release and upload your video.

If you have any questions or need assistance submitting content, please email or call us at (616) 719-0919.

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I, the undersigned, hereby consent to the reproduction and unlimited/unrestricted use of the following. The below mentioned in conjunction with the photographs or statements made for all public media and collateral, for the purposes of trade or publicity materials, so long as it is used for the purposes of promotion or patient support.

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