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Preparing for Your Final Chapters…Before the Pages Turn.

In everyone’s life story, comes the need for planning before it becomes a necessity of deciding. Webster’s Dictionary defines a decision as: ‘a determination arrived at after consideration’.  This implicit definition assumes everyone has that time to think about a decision, however, this is not always the case.  Our life stories are packed with incredible positivity and beloved chapters. However, there will always be a life story laced with inauspicious tales stemming from a mindset of “that won’t happen to me” or “I have time to do that later”.
We can not predict our futures, but we can prepare for them. Join Emmanuel Hospice (and partner(s) – St. Anns, Clark, Porter Hills and Sunset) along with Life EMS and MAPLE (Michigan Attorneys Practicing Law for the Elderly). “Preparing for the Final Chapters” will ensure the following fundamental questions are answered:

  • What steps are you taking to plan your Estate? What mistakes can you avoid in estate planning?
  • Who would make medical decisions on your behalf if you couldn’t speak for yourself? How do you legalize your medical treatment preferences without it costing a fortune?
  • If your loved one goes to the hospital, what should you know?
  • How do you perform the basics of CPR?

The presentation will last about an hour, and then you can ask a panel of experts any question you would like. The information can help you prepare for the worst, so the best can always happen. The event is free; however, RSVP is required to accommodate for refreshments, education materials, and seating.
You may register by emailing or calling Emmanuel Hospice at 616.719.0919 today!