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Disease Symptoms in Hospice Care

What is Hospice?

Hospice is not a place, it’s a philosophy. Hospice care goes wherever a loved one calls home and focuses on comfort and quality of life. It is a benefit provided by most insurance plans, including Medicare, and can be started after receiving a diagnosis of six months or fewer to live.

Why Choose Hospice?

For patients with diseases like Alzheimer’s/Dementia, COPD, Liver Disease, or Parkinson’s, it may be time to consider hospice when a loved one’s condition begins to decline. When it’s time, our care plans include support for physical, emotional and spiritual needs based on each unique situation and symptom.

Addressing Symptoms

Below is a sample of how our team adjusts care plans to for a range of symptoms situations to make our patients lives as joyful and full as possible:

Walking Difficulties and Incontinence
  • Our Virtual Reality programs provide an escape where they may no longer be able to physically go.
  • Toilet night lights are used when possible to make trips easier
Confusion and Memory Lapses
  • Security protocols are used in-home and at facilities to minimize wandering
  • Simple words are used to communicate more easily
  • Journaling helps promote memory recall and story collection for families
  • Music from childhood eras is played to inspire memories
Weight Loss and Decreased Appetite
  • Simple foods without need of utensils are used to make eating easier
  • Food with fluids like popsicles and apples are used to prevent dehydration
  • Protein shakes are used when necessary for weight gain, nutrients and jaw stiffness
Nausea/Discomfort and Breathing Issues
  • Massage therapy promotes relief and relaxations
  • Pet visitors provide joy and companionship to ease stress
  • Music therapy is used for rhythm breathing experiences
  • Massage therapy eases tension and promotes balance physically and mentally 

Why Emmanuel Hospice?

Emmanuel Hospice is a Medicare-certified and CHAP accredited interfaith hospice provider available 24/7. We understand that hospice is about life, which is why we start by asking all of our patients, “How do you want to live?” to create a plan that meets your family and loved ones goals. 

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