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Hospice at Home

Hospice isn’t a place. It’s a service that can happen anywhere, even at home.

With the coronavirus pandemic still spreading, and many assisted living communities still in quarantine or turning away visitors, people are looking for options to keep terminally ill loved ones at home where they can be surrounded by friends and family.

Those people are turning to Emmanuel Hospice.

Emanuel Hospice delivers a full range of medical and complementary in-home hospice care services. 

If you’re considering hospice for a loved one, let us support you on this journey.

Hospice Services at Home

Our clinical caregivers, staff and volunteers bring their expertise to your home, providing comprehensive physical, spiritual and emotional care.

Expert Medical Care

Led by a hospice- and palliative care-certified Medical Director, our team of specialists embraces the hospice philosophy of comfort versus cure. The Medical Director works closely with your loved one’s primary care physician to manage care. Our nurses make regular visits to provide care, support and address symptom management issues. Hospice Aides visit routinely to offer personal care and support.

Complementary Therapies

At Emmanuel Hospice, our at-home patient-centered services range from music therapy to massage to journaling and aromatherapy. We engage all the senses, helping our patients feel energized, comforted and relaxed.

Learn more about our holistic therapies.

Why Emmanuel Hospice

We’re accredited by CHAP, the gold standard for the hospice industry.