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Emmanuel Hospice Fights for "Moments of Life" Public Service Announcement

We know their stories as we care for the families of West Michigan. We know the benefits of Hospice Care as we read study after study, week after week. But our challenge is reaching out to the nearly 1.4 million people in the greater Grand Rapids area to raise awareness on the Hospice philosophy of care.  Which is why we need your help.

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has launched a new campaign: “Moments of Life, Made Possible by Hospice”. In this campaign, NHPCO shows how Hospice Care can assist patients and families to live life to the fullest extent possible, even while diagnosed with a life limiting illness. We at Emmanuel Hospice feel that if 1 in 3 of American’s will need hospice care in our lives, everyone should know what it is.  Here is how you can help:

1.) Watch the “Moments of Life” PSA here.
2.) Read the Moments of Life website from NHPCO explaining why this is important in our community.  It provides key facts about hospice.
3.) Contact TV and Cable Stations – Email the PDF flier to the people below that handle Public Service Announcements for the local TV stations.  Tell them you wanted to reach out to them and raise awareness on a topic that needs to be heard by all of their viewing base.  Let them know they have a 1 in 3 chance of needing Hospice Care in THEIR life, so knowing the information in this PSA could change their lives as well.

  • WOOD TV8:
  • FOX 17:
  • WZZM 13:
  • WWMT Newschannel 3:

By requesting that your local stations air the PSA, the hospice community is more likely to get broadcast time across the nation and reach Americans everywhere. Your outreach efforts WILL make a difference!  Thank you for your help and may God bless!