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Month: October 2013

Facts about Hospice Care Everyone Should Know

Hospice isn’t a place. It’s a type of care that focuses on living…living as fully as possible, up until the end of life. Hospice brings comfort, love, and respect to
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Strength and Growth of the Bereaved Caregiver

I know an elderly gentleman. He is 85 years old. He is a physician, and he is my friend. One day, he joked about his mother. She died 60 years
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New Research Validates That Hospice Saves Medicare Dollars

Research out of Mt. Sinai shows hospice patients have lower Medicare costs, reduced use of hospital services, and that hospice can improve care quality. (Alexandria, Va) – New research published
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When knowing changes everything, the value of a map (Part 2)

Many of you felt so strongly about the on-going need to underscore ways to help people identify end-of- life maps that I have decided to create a mini blog series
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Now announcing Heart & Soul, an Advanced Cardiac Care Program