He Knows, He Loves, He Cares

By Sara Lowe I was recently asked by the Senior Pastor at my congregation-Trinity United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids, to provide the message for a Sunday while he was on sabbatical for the summer. There was a part of me that did not feel qualified to do what was being asked of me. I […]

Risk-taking Near the End of Life

I am basically a risk-taker. I think this is to some extent genetic; it’s in my blood. My very own father is a risk-taker– he spent most of his life driving high speeds for fun- he was first an amateur then a professional race car driver as I was growing up. At one point in […]

Strength and Growth of the Bereaved Caregiver

I know an elderly gentleman. He is 85 years old. He is a physician, and he is my friend. One day, he joked about his mother. She died 60 years ago. He said with a slightly wry smile, “I think I’m over it!” He isn’t. He knows it. I know it. And he knows that […]

When knowing changes everything, the value of a map (Part 2)

Many of you felt so strongly about the on-going need to underscore ways to help people identify end-of- life maps that I have decided to create a mini blog series devoted to this topic. You already know the power of end-of-life maps, so I will skip the pontificating and just tell you this true story: […]

When “Knowing” Changes Everything

When you set out on an unfamiliar journey, you will need a map to get to your desired destination. You may pass landmarks, but not know exactly where you are unless you are able to identify these landmarks on your map. The same is true for the journey of life, and specifically, the path at […]

Nancy Brataas defies the odds again

Nancy Brataas is dying. It’s just not happening as fast as her doctors predicted. “I am really glad they were wrong,” the former state senator said during a recent interview in her Rochester apartment. One year ago, Brataas was getting ready to leave her home to tour apartments being built for University of Minnesota Rochester […]

This Is It

Dad didn’t feel like dying. He felt full of life and longing to live. He had more to do, more to say, more to feel, to taste, to write, to experience. He was angry and sad, disappointed and confused, scared and brave, unaccepting and, finally, accepting. For the past three years, I talked to him […]

Is it ever too soon to recover?

The question of when to begin a process of completing relationships that have ended or changed, due to death or divorce, is confused by conflicting opinions from a wide variety of sources. Medical, psychological, societal and family experts all approach the issue from differing perspectives. It is not at all uncommon for us to hear […]

I’m Fine! Telling the Truth About How You Feel

Have you ever said “I’m fine” when nothing could be further from the truth?… So have we so you’re in the right place! A common thread running through some of the articles we have written is the misinformation we were all subjected to about processing the normal emotions caused by loss. We do not want […]

When a Spouse is Terminally Ill

When you are looking into the eyes of your loved one declaring that you will love, honor, and obey each other until death, you really don’t know the full significance of those few words. You actually are vowing to take care of one another for the remainder of your lives. What happens when one spouse […]